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Advantages of Dependency Property ?

Posted On: 25/11/2013 11:01:02
As a matter of fact a Dependency Property have a lots of advantages over the normal CLR properties. Lets discuss the advantages a bit before we create our own dependency property : 
  1. Property Value Inheritance : By Property Value Inheritance we mean that value of a Dependency property can be overridden in the hierarchy in such a way that the value with highest precedence will be set ultimately.

  2. Data Validation : We can impose Data Validation to be triggered automatically whenever the property value is modified. 

  3. Participation in Animation : Dependency property can animate. WPF animation has lots of capabilities to change value at an interval. Defining a dependency property, you can eventually support Animation for that property.

  4. Participation in Styles : Styles are elements that defines the control. We can use Style Setters on Dependency property.

  5. Participation in Templates : Templates are elements that defines the overall structure of the element. By defining Dependency property, we can use it in templates. 

  6. DataBinding : As each of the Dependency property itself invokes INotifyPropertyChanged whenever the value of the property is modified, DataBinding is supported internally. To read more aboutINotifyPropertyChanged.

  7. CallBacks : You can have callbacks to a dependency property, so that whenever a property is changed, a callback is raised. 

  8. Resources: A Dependency property can take a Resource. So in XAML, you can define a Resource for the definition of a Dependency property.

  9. Metadata overrides : You can define certain behavior of a dependency property using PropertyMetaData. Thus overriding a metadata form a derived property will not require you to redefine or reimplementing the whole property definition.

  10. Designer Support : A dependency property gets support from Visual Studio Designer. You can see all the dependency properties of a control listed in the Property Window of the Designer. 
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