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What are Aggregate and Scalar Functions?

Posted On: 26/09/2013 10:28:59
Aggregate and Scalar functions are in built function for counting and calculations.
Aggregate functions operate against a group of values but returns only one value.

  • AVG(column) :- Returns the average value of a column
  • COUNT(column) :- Returns the number of rows (without a NULL value) of a column
  • COUNT(*) :- Returns the number of selected rows
  • MAX(column) :- Returns the highest value of a column
  • MIN(column) :- Returns the lowest value of a column

Scalar functions operate against a single value and return value on basis of the single value.

  • UCASE(c) :- Converts a field to upper case
  • LCASE(c) :- Converts a field to lower case
  • MID(c,start[,end]) :- Extract characters from a text field
  • LEN(c) :- Returns the length of a text
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