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what are the components of CLR?

Posted On: 28/08/2013 01:31:32

(1) Class Loader
(2) JIT (Just In Time) Compiler (compile IL code into machine code)
(3) Garbage Collector
(4) Execution Engine

Posted On: 28/08/2013 02:09:53
  • Components in CLR
    The above functionalities achieved by all these componets .Each component is responsible for specific functionality.

    1.Class Loader: It is used to load all the classes at runtime

    2.MSIL to native Compiler: It is a JIT (Just In Time) compiler it will convert MSIL code to native code

    3.Code manager: It manages the cade during runtime

    4.Garbage Collector: It manages memory .It collects all the unused objects in the memory and deallocate them when the memory is less.

    5.Security Engine: It has all the security restrictions.

    6.Type checker: It enforces strict type checking.

    7.Thread support: It provides multithreading support to our application.

    8.Exception manager: It provides mechanisum to handle execptions at runtime.

    9.Debug Engine: Which allows you to debug applications.

    10.Com Marshaler: Which allows interoperability to our applications

    11.Base class library support: Which provides all types that application need at runtime
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