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Diff b\w Stored Procedure and Function..

Posted On: 13/06/2013 12:20:03
 Procedure can have both input\output parameters But function can have only input parameter.
Posted On: 13/06/2013 12:20:49
 Inside procedure we can use DML (INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE) statements.
 But Inside function we can’t use DML statements.
Posted On: 13/06/2013 12:22:21
 We can’t utilize stored procedure in Select Statement.
  But we can use function in Select Statement.
Posted On: 13/06/2013 12:22:59
We can use Try-Catch Block in Stored Procedure,
But Inside function we can’t use Try-Catch block.
Posted On: 13/06/2013 12:23:24
Procedure can return 0 or n values (max 1024),
But function can return only 1 value which is mandatory.
Posted On: 13/06/2013 12:23:50
Procedure can’t be call from function, But we can call function from Procedure.
Posted On: 13/06/2013 12:24:27
We can use transaction management in procedure, But we can't use in function.
Posted On: 13/06/2013 12:25:10
Stored Procedures cannot be used in the SQL statements anywhere in the WHERE/HAVING/SELECT section, But we can use Function anywhere.
Posted On: 13/06/2013 12:25:33
We can’t join Stored Procedure, But We can join functions.
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