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Explain Triggers in Sql Server..?

Posted On: 01/11/2012 08:32:50

"A Trigger is a Database object just like a stored procedure or we can say it is a special kind of Stored Procedure which fires when an event occurs in a database.".

Difference between Stored Procedure and trigger: 

Triggers fire implicitly while Stored Procedures fire explicitly.

Type of Triggers:

There are two types of Triggers:

  1. DDL Trigger
  2. DML trigger

DDl Triggers:

They fire in response to DDL (Data Definition Language) command events that start with Create, Alter and Drop. Like Create_table, Create_view, drop_table, Drop_view and Alter_table.

Code of DDL Trigger:

create trigger saftey

on database




print'you can not create ,drop and alter table in this database'


DML Triggers:

They fire in response to DML (Data Manipulation Language) command events that start with with Insert, Update and Delete. Like insert_table, Update_view and Delete_table.

Code of DML Trigger:

create trigger deep

on emp

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