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Android Application Folder Explanation

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Posted On:  22/12/2012 20:14:45 
In this article I am going to explain the folder structure of an Android Application. 


In this article I am going to explain the different section of an Android application.  For which purpose we have which part. If you are new in Android then it will be good to know the concepts of every section of an Android Application

When you create a new android application then development platform  look like below...


Image 1.

In left hand section Solution Explorer I am going to explain every section in below image..


Image 2.

Find explanation below...




Source Code – location where Java source code is placed. We can find Java files as packages (i.e. the package MyApp.examples implies a folder structure \MyApp\examples)


Android tools generate code to map resources into the Java code

Android 2.2

The Android framework library.


Mainly store application data files that do not need to change here.


This is the location to store resources used in the application. Specifically, images, layouts and strings.

This is some explanation in next I will come with some more...

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