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Deploy and Add an Application Page in SharePoint 2010.

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Posted On:  08/11/2014 08:56:37 
How we can add a new application page in SharePoint 2010 ? How we can deploy an application page in SharePoint 2010 ? How we can show an application page with a link in SharePoint 2010? 


In SharePoint we have 2 types of pages.

  1. Site Page
  2. Application Page

Site Page:

  • Site Pages are Site or Web Scoped.
  • User can customize Site Pages.
  • Site Pages is a concept where complete or partial page is stored within content database and then actual page is parsed at runtime and delivered to end-users.
  • There is no custom code in Site Pages.
  • Site pages can be edited by using SharePoint Designer tool.
  • Site Pages are Un-ghosted Pages
  • Site pages are used within Sandboxed solutions.

Application Page:

  • Application Pages are farm scoped
  • Application pages are stored in the server's file system.
  • SharePoint Designer tool cannot be used with application pages.
  • Application pages cannot be used within sandboxed solutions.
  • No customization can be done by the user.
  • Application Pages are stored in  _layouts folder
  • There is  custom code in your Application Pages.
  • Application Pages are Ghosted Pages.
  • Since application pages are compiled once, they are much faster.

Now here we will learn how we can add a new Application Page and how we can show this in SharePoint Site.

In your Visual Studio solution -> Right Click -> Add New Item-> Add an Application Page

Now Right click on your solution -> Deploy


Image 1.

After Successfully Deploy check your page in 14 hive directory.


Image 2.

Now open your SharePoint Site -> Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Look and Feel -> Top Link Bar.


Image 3.

Click on new Navigation Link.


Image 4.

Here give the path of your Application page and Name -> Ok.


Image 5.

Now click on Link and see your application page:


Image 6.

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