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Throttling Limits in SharePoint 2010

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Posted On:  02/11/2014 08:53:40 
What is Throttling in SharePoint 2010? 


In this article I am going to explain about Throttling in SharePoint.  throttling is a new feature in SharePoint 2010 lists. 

This allow SharePoint administrator to impose limits on the number of items returned by list queries from a list.

Now we will see this setting step by step:

Open up the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration website.


Image 1.

Click Here Application Management.


Image 2.

Click Manage Web application here.


Image 3.

Select your SharePoint site -> Click on General Setting -> Click on Resource Throttling.

It may be a you can get below screen after clicking here.


Image 4.

No need to worry. Follow below steps:

Open SharePoint 2010 Management PowerShell and do the below code : 

$w = get-spwebapplication http://Site_URL

Now again select your SharePoint site -> Click on General Setting -> Click on Resource Throttling.


Image 5.


Image 6.


Image 7.

Do the settings as you want.

Below is the description of all settings:

  1. List View Threshold: Defaults to 5000.
  2. Object Model Override: Yes/No radio buttons. The default value is Yes.
  3. List View Threshold for Auditors and Administrators: Defaults to 20000.
  4. List View Lookup threshold: Defaults to 6.
  5. Daily Time Window for Large Queries: Check this option which, when enabled, allows setting of a start time and a maximum duration.
  6. List Unique Permissions Threshold: Defaults to 50000.
  7. Backward-Compatible Event Handlers: On/Off radio buttons. Defaults to Off.
  8. HTTP Request Monitoring and Throttling: On/Off radio buttons. Defaults to On.
  9. Change Log: Defaults to 60 days after which log entries are deleted. Can be set to Never.

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