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Introduction to AngularJS

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Posted On:  15/08/2014 04:36:11 
What is AngulrJS? Why it is so popular? What are the features of AngularJS? 


In this article I am going to explain what is AngularJs? Why we need AngularJs? Why we should use AngularJs?

You can download AngularJS from here

Downlaod AngularJS 1.png

Image 1.

By Clicking Download. . .

Downlaod AngularJS 2.png

Image 2.

What Is Angular?
AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for creating single page web applications. AngularJS is, to redefine the use of HTML in building dynamic web applications. AngularJS is a MVC framework that defines numerous concepts to properly organize your web application. 

Your application is defined with modules that can depend from one to the others. It enhances HTML by attaching directives to your pages with new attributes or tags and expressions in order to define very powerful templates directly in your HTML.

Some facts about AngularJs we need to know:

1.    AngularJS is not a javaScript library.

2.    AngularJS is not a Platform or a Language.

3.    AngularJS is not a Plugin or a browser extension.

4.    AngularJS doesn't abstract away HTML, CSS or javaScript.

5.    AngularJS doesn't require jQuery.

6.    AngularJS doesn't use one-way data binding.


Some AngularJS features. . .

  1.     Two way data binding
  2.     MVW pattern (MVC-ish)
  3.     Template
  4.     Custom-directive (reusable components, custom mark-up)
  5.     REST-friendly
  6.     Deep Linking (set up a link for any dynamic page)
  7.     Form Validation
  8.     Server Communication
  9.     Localization
  10.     Dependency Injection
  11.     A Declarative user interface
  12.     Behaviour With Directives
  13.     Flexibility with filters
  14.     Write less code
  15.     Context aware communication
  16.      Unit Testing

Now we will start working with AngularJS by downloading and adding reference of AngularJS. 

Add AngularJS Reference.png 

Image 3.

Now My first program with AngularJS. Here in below code I am adding 2 no.

First Program.png

Image 4.


 That's the power of AngularJS which makes HTML more powerful. . .


Image 5.

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