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MyCollegeMyFriend - An Open Source Project developed using ASP.NET 2.0

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Posted On:  28/06/2014 06:57:05 
MyCollegeMyFriend is an open source Website project developed using C# and ASP.NET 2.0. Anybody can download and make changes to this project and upload the changes. 

MyCollegeMyFriend is a small but open source project developed using ASP.NET 2.0 and C#. The purpose of this project is to create a Website where you can have your college buddies sign-up and keep upto date.


In this project user can make his/her profile, can  see college list, university and other member profile. Registered user can make their friend network  by adding member in his/her friend list.

User can search college by University, by country, by course.

Here admin can manage all user profile by making active/ deactivate, add/modify/delete university, college. 

Below is admin credentials

User Login ID-   rahul
Password -        rahul

By login as admin you will find an option ADMIN. By clicking on this button you will redirect on admin page from there admin can manage university, college, member.

I am going to show some pages of project. I have uploaded the application. The database is inside App_Data folder.

To run the project just attach the database and change the connection string in web config file.

 In web config file there is a key MyCollegeMyFriendConnectionString. Just change this according to your Sql server credentials and enjoy the project. My database is in Sql SERVER 2005.

In this project i did not use real data and I am using images found from Google search.

Now the Project working->

This is the default page. Here all University, College and member are showing, by clicking on the image we will redirect to detail page.

From the head user can search college by university, Country, Course. You can see university college on university detail page.


Image 1.

Default part 2


Image 2.

This is the University Detail page.


Image 3.

This is the college detail page.


Image 4.

This is the member detail page.


Image 5.

This is the page which will show after log in by rahul as user ID and rahul as password.


Image 6.

This is admin default page which will come after clicking on admin button from default page. From this page admin can register new university and college.


Image 7.

This is - Add University  page.


 Image 8.

Same as college add page after inserting detail when we click on add button you will redirect to add image page. From this page you can upload images.

This is member registration page.


Image 9.

To run project just attach DB and make change in connection string, If there is any problem then please write me @

By Aamir  On  20/01/2017 00:22:38
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