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An Open Source Project - RFoodBuzz

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Posted On:  05/06/2014 06:41:19 
This is an open source project developed in with C# having Sql Server as DataBase. Basically this project for OnLine Food management system. 

In this application I am going to explain Project report on Food-Restaurant Management system. The name of my project is R-FoodBUZZ. This is an open source project. You can download the code from attached file.

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Below I trying to show the functionality of my project through DFD diagram :


Image 1.

After launching application user can search restaurant by typing search text. He can view a list of restaurant, can get all search related restaurant information. He can get address, email, phone, mobile, speciality through restaurant detail page.

Another type of user can register on the site. Registered user can post new restaurant information, can get all posted restaurant, can view/edit restaurant information.

Now I am going to explain the working of my project :

Below is the default page:


Image 2.

Type your search text and click on search button. . . 


Image 3.

Click on Restaurant Name to see details. . .


Image 4.

In Header click on Login button :


Image 5.

To Make New Profile Click on ( Not Register Yet)


Image 6.

After login below is the MyProfile Page here user can see all restaurant and can add a new Restaurant.


Image 7.

After clicking on Add New Restaurant. . .


Image 8.

For this project I am using 2 table.

1.       UserRegistration


Image 9.

2.       Restaurant


Image 10.

I have copied my DB inside APP_DATA folder you can attach DB and make change in connection string to run this project.


Image 11.

If you have any query or any suggestion then please mail me @

By Yogesh  On  06/06/2014 22:42:53
awesome!!...for beginners...
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