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A WPF Open Source Project - R- DoctorOnLine

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Posted On:  06/01/2014 11:05:26 
This is a window base project developed in WPF with Sql Server to keep information of All Doctor and patient in a Hospital. 

This is my R-Doctor On Line Project developed in WPF using Sql Server. Here in this project I am going to keep doctor and patient information online.

Below is the DFD of my project.

R-DoctorOnLine DFD.png

Image 1.

Here in this project I have 2 types of user. One is Admin and second is Doctor.

Admin or end user can add a new Patient and can assign this patient to next available doctor. Admin can view all patient information any time. Admin can see the details of any patent by clicking on Patient name.

Admin can also add a new doctor. Admin can view all doctor lists. He/She can also view the details of any doctor.

If Doctor login into the project then he/she can see his/her patient list. By clicking on patient name can view the details. Doctor can add the prescription to the patient.

Below is my xsd file


Image 2.

Here I am using 4 Tables.

1.    UserLogin


     Image 3.

2.    Patient


   Image 4.

3.    Doctor


     Image 5.

4.    DoctorPrescription


  Image 6.

Now I am going to explain the working of my project step by step.

First when you run the project then there is a login screen. . .


Image 7.

After login you will redirect to an admin panel.


Image 8.

Add a New patient.

Add Patient.png

Image 9.

View All Patient. . .

All Patient.png

Image 10.

View Patient Detail. . .


Image 11.

To Add a Doctor

Add Doctor.png

Image 12.

To See All Doctor

All Doctor.png

Image 13.

If Login As a Doctor. . .

Login As Doctor.png

Image 14.

After Login Doctor can see all patient assign to him/her

Doctor All Patient.png

Image 15.

Doctor can see detail of his/her patient. Doctor can give prescription from detail page. . .

Doctro Patient Detail.png

Image 16.

To Run this project attach database from App_Data Folder and make change in connection string in app.config file.


Image 17.

This is my project if you have any question/ suggestion/ feedback then please mail me @

By naci  On  03/04/2015 03:12:32
top site. nice code.
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