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Missing Save Site as Template Options in SharePoint 2013

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Posted On:  19/12/2013 10:25:46 
How we can find out Save Site as Template for Publishing Sites in SharePoint 2013 ? 


In Share point 2013 if you are going to save your site as template and you are not getting this "Save Site As Template" then no need to worry you just need to follow below step. . .

Step 1: Open your site in Share Point Designer 2013.

Share Point Site Save As Template 1.png

Image 1.

Step 2: In Ribbon Click on Site options.

Share Point Site Save As Template 2.png

Image 2.

Select SaveSiteAsTemplateEnabled  ->Click Modify -> Set Value true

Share Point Site Save As Template 3.png

Image 3.

Click Ok. Now go to your site – Click Setting -> Site Setting -> Site Actions.
If you don't see Save Site As Template option here then you also need to follow below steps:

1. Go to Site settings -> Mange site features
2. Disable Share Point Publishing feature
3. Link to save as template appears
4. Save site as template
5. Re-activate publishing feature

Share Point Site Save As Template 4.png

Image 4.

Share Point Site Save As Template 5.png

Image 5.

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