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SharePoint 2013 – Create Site Column

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Posted On:  26/11/2013 08:23:10 
How to Create a Site Column in SharePoint 2013 ? 


What Is a Site Column?

A site column is a column for a list or a document library that can be used in all document libraries or lists in the site in which it is created, as well as in the subsites for that site.

A site manager can define a specific column of data once and manage it from a central location instead of creating that column many times in many lists and libraries. In addition, content types can only use site columns.  

Now we will learn step by step how we can create and use Site Column…

Step 1: Open you SharePoint Site

Step 2: Click Setting - > Select Site Setting

Site Column In Share Point 1.png

Image 1.

Step 3: Select Site Columns in Web Designer Galleries..

Site Column In Share Point 2.png

Image 2.

Step 4: Click on Create

Site Column In Share Point 3.png

Image 3.

Step 5: Give Column Name and Select Type Of Column. After it Select existing Group or Create new one. Click OK.

Site Column In Share Point 4.png

Image 4.

Step 6:  Now your Site Column Created.

Next task  is
à   Adding Site Column to your List.

Select Your List
à Select List Setting.

 Site Column In Share Point 5.png

Image 5.

Step 7: Now Select Add From Existing Site Column options

Site Column In Share Point 6.png

Image 6.

Step 8:  Select Site Columns..

Site Column In Share Point 7.png

Image 7

Site Column In Share Point 8.png

Image 8.

Step 9:   Now try to add data in  your List, you will find newly site column …

Site Column In Share Point 9.png

Image 9.

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