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R-Twitter - An Open Source Project

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Posted On:  06/10/2013 07:00:48 
This is an open source project on the base of Twitter. I named it R-Twitter. You can find out all available feature of Twitter in my project. 

In this article I tried to make an application which look like as Twitter. The name of my application is R-Twitter.

In my R-Twitter you can use all feature which you can do in Twitter like crating profile, search other user profile, you can follow whom you want, you can tweet.. etc..
I used some Google images in this application...

Now I am going to explain my application step by step:


Image 1.

After Log-in you will redirect to your profile default page...


Image 2.

From top you can edit your profile...


Image 3.

From Top you can search profile...


Image 4.

You can view detail of any profile by clicking on image...


Image 5.

Below is my profile page where you can tweet, can see your all follower, can see all user whom you are following... etc...


Image 6.

Below is my Data Base Table..


Image 7.

Table# User_Registration


Image 8.

Table # Tweet


Image 9.

Table # Follow


Image 10.

You can find database in App_Data folder. To use DB make change in connection string in DataBaseClass.cs located in App_Code folder... 

@@ If you have any query...then you reach me @@-

By Prateek  On  29/11/2014 11:26:50
sir how to change "change in connection string in DataBaseClass.cs located in App_Code folder"
By Rahul Saxena  On  20/10/2013 11:48:20
Thanks.. Yogesh
By Yogesh  On  07/10/2013 04:18:17
gud one!!
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