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Azure Soft Delete for Azure Storage Blobs

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Posted On:  14/02/2020 16:55:14 
What Is Soft Delete in Azure Storage Blobs? How Soft Delete Works? 


Soft Delete- Azure Storage Blobs?
By using Azure Storage Blobs Soft Delete, we can easily recover our data
when it is erroneously modified or deleted by an application or other storage account user.

How soft delete works?

When enabled, soft delete enables you to save and recover your data when blobs or blob snapshots are deleted. This protection extends to blob data that is erased as the result of an overwrite.


When data is deleted, it transitions to a soft deleted state instead of being permanently erased. When soft delete is on and you overwrite data, a soft deleted snapshot is generated to save the state of the overwritten data. Soft deleted objects are invisible unless explicitly listed. You can configure the amount of time soft deleted data is recoverable before it is permanently expired.


Soft delete is backwards compatible, so you don't have to make any changes to your applications to take advantage of the protections this feature affords.

Steps to Enable and Disable Soft Delete:

When we create a new account, soft delete is off by default. 

Open Storage Account -> Select Data Protection under Blob Service. Here Do Enable Soft Delete.


Image 1.

Now Delete all or some blobs from your container and see Deleted Blobs by enabling below option.


Image 2.


You can undelete/Recover your deleted blobs.


Image 3.



Image 4.

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