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Posted On:  23/07/2013 21:49:01 
In this article I am going to explain how we can make a mail box engine like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Rediffmail.... 

Hi All, In this article I am going to explain how we can create our own internal MailBoxEngine like Gmail, yahoo, rediffmail...

Below is the High Level DFD of my MailBox Project..

Mail - DFD.png

Image 1.

Now I am showing All pages and their functionality step by step...

Below is my Sign InLog In Page...

Mail Box - Signin.png
Image 2.

Registration Page:

Mail Box - Register.png 
Image 3.

After Making an account, when you log in you will redirect a page from where you can manage your mail like check inbox, check sent, compose a new mail, read an email etc...

In below screen all Inbox Mail is showing. All unread mail is showing with gray background and all read mails are with white background.

Mail Box - Inbox.png

Image 4.

You can click on subject to read  mail... You can reply or delete this mail also...

Mail Box - ReadInboxMail.png

Image 5.

Mail Box - ReadInboxMail Reply.png

Image 6.

Now by using below screen you can check you Sent box...

Mail Box - SentMail.png

Image 7.

To read a mail click on subject.... You can delete this mail also...

Mail Box - ReadSentMail.png

Image 8.

You can send a new mail by clicking on Compose Mail option....

Mail Box - ComposeMail.png

Image 9.

Now you can download this project and attach database from App_Data folder and make change in web.config file... in Connection String...

Mail Box - Connection String.png

Image 10.

Now I am going to explain my Data Base..

I used 2 table here

1. Registration


Image 11.

2. Mail


Image 12.

Data Base file inside APP_DATA folder...


Image 13.

If you have any question or any suggestion then please mail me @:

By Sara  On  02/08/2013 04:28:27
Gud One...was looking same... thanks a lot....
By Yogesh  On  24/07/2013 03:01:11
Awesome artcile!!
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