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An Open Source Project- R- Blog

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Posted On:  02/06/2013 03:00:28 
R-Blog is an open source project. Here user can enjoy blogging. User can Make profile, can post blog, can comment, can view all blog etc... 

Hi All... this is my R- Blog  An Open Source Project. Basically this is a Blogging Engine where user can register, can start/post new blog, can post comment on any blog, can view all blog , can see own blog, login logout and a lot more...

This is an open source project so you can download and enjoy blogging..  Now I am going to explain the working of my R- Blog An Open Source Project.

Below is the Registration page:

From here user can register himself/herself


Image 1.

After registration you can login from header. This is MyAccount Page. Here you have 2 options. You can Post a new blog and you can view your all blog.


Image 2.

With the help of below page you can post a new blog:


Image 3.

After posting blog you can view your all blog with the help of this page:


Image 4.

You can view blog detail and can comment on blog also with the help of this page:

Image 5.

Below is the default page. From here you can view all user's blog...


Image 6.

Now let me explain my data base tables structure. In this Project I used three tables.

2. Blog
3. Blog_Comment



Image 7.

2. Blog:

Image 8.

3. Blog_Comment:


Image 9.

I also copied my database inside App_Data folder:


Image 10.

To run the R- Blog project you need to download the code and attach the database and change the connection string in web.config file according to your Sql Server credentials.

add name="MyConn" connectionString="Data Source=.;Initial Catalog=R- Blog;Integrated Security=True;"
         providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

Enjoy Blogging with R- Blog.....

If you have any feedback or suggestion then please mail me @

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