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Check A Number is Prime Or Not

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Posted On:  23/07/2013 12:23:16 
In this article i am going to show you how we can check the number given by user is prime or not......... 


Below is my code:

import java.util.Scanner;

class prime
    public static void main(String s[]){
    int a,b;
    System.out.println("enter no. to check prime");
    Scanner scan=new Scanner(;
   System.out.println("you entered "+a);
System.out.println("no. is not prime");


      Step 1:  After writing this in notepad save the file with the name followed by (.java) for eg: I saved it with

Step 2 : 
Open command prompt 

Step 3 : Write javac - Press Enter for compilation

Step 4 : Write java Prime for execution


Check A Number Is Prime or Not.png

Image 1.

By Umesh  On  20/10/2014 03:27:26
Hello Good Article You can increase performance check number upto num/2 .. then it will reduce time complexity by half time. for(b=2;b<=a/2;b++) { if(a%b==0) { System.out.println("no. is not prime"); break; } } Thanks Umesh Happy Coding
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